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Partnered with True Friends since 2007- TrueFriends

Camp C.a.m.p
Camp C.A.M.P (Connecting Among Multiple
People) is a structured program for campers
with higher functioning autism spectrum
disorder and focuses on social skill learning
and development. Campers practice asking
to join activities, trying something new,
sharing and taking turns while participating
in traditional camp activities. Campers
build confidence in activities and social
interactions among other campers facing
similar challenges.
August 5-10 Sun-Fri Session #225 ages 7-15
This program is operated by True Friends in partnership with ANSWER.

Camp Friendship: 10509 108th St. NW, Annandale, MN 55302

For more info: truefriends.org | 800.450.8376 | info@truefriends.org