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ANSWER facilitates support groups for parents, family, friends, individuals and professionals.
Our support groups are free and open to anyone who wants to participate.

Please feel free to come and share stories, resources and give and receive support.  All are welcome!

Autism Support Group- Plymouth

When:             Third Tuesday of every month.
Current Date:  Tuesday February 21, 2023
Topic:              Open Discussion
Time:               11:30am – 1:00pm
Location:          Zoom please rsvp to info@aspergersmn.org to recieve a link
Support Group
One parent who regularly participates in our support groups states,

“As a dad with 3 children in the autism spectrum, two of whom have Asperger’s, this organization has been wonderful for me. The networking with other parents–the opportunity to find services of benefit to my kids and the joy of helping others to access services–this has been great. As a divorced, single, Dad, I got comfort from the group and even wonderful personal advice about finding a new partner in life who cares about my children as well as me; what great advice this turned out to be….  I also am pleased with the recommendation for a psychologist for one of my children. This has been valuable. I am pleased with the opportunity my son has had to meet other children from the group. The support group meetings have been particularly valuable.   Thank you.”