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World Record Run

A Special thank you to Koko FitClub and Greensneakers for your support!!

ANSWER is proud to support ultra-marathoner Steve Knowlton.  Steve has committed to help us bring a message of awareness/acceptance for Asperger’s Syndrome across the U.S. as he runs to break the Guinness World Record this summer. This journey will consist of Steve running from San Francisco to New York in 45 days (that’s 70 miles a day!) commencing May 18th 2013.


“Last year, with inner determination and help from God, I ran Solo 3,717 miles across America, from Seattle to Key Largo. This fall I plan on breaking a 32-year-old World Record set in 1980 by Frank Giannino who averaged 67 miles a day for 46 days and 8 hours running across America.  I will set the New World Record by averaging over 70 miles a day for 45 days. I need to cover all my bases to make this legitimate.  Last year’s run was completed without corporate sponsorship and with a limited budget and made possible only by the invaluable help and support from my Parents, merchants in town, Bruce Tilseth of T-shirts and more, Mark Bowles of Edelweiss, Lee Redman of Juice Plus, friends, family and generous people throughout the Country and the World. This upcoming year,  I will begin my Record Run starting in San Francisco, California and head through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and finishing in New York City, New York for a total of 3,100 miles.  I will be running for Asperger’s Syndrome.” Steve Knowlton

We want to support Steve in every way that we can as we are so very grateful for his commitment and sacrifice. We are in the process of looking for sponsors as well as in-kind donations to help Steve with his journey.

   Prior Lake man abandons effort to run from SF to NYC in record time

Article by: PAUL WALSH , Star Tribune

Updated: June 4, 2013 – 9:46 AM

A Prior Lake man’s attempt to run from San Francisco to New York City in world-record time stalled out in Utah, a little less than 700 miles into what was meant to be a 3,100-mile run.